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Scripture Reflection Mark 5: 25-26

When I read and reviewed Cynthia Patterson’s book, “It Had to Happen”, (see my post of July 16, 2011), I was taken aback by which scripture passage Cynthia had chosen – Mark 5:25-26. Almost exactly ten years ago that passage was given to me for meditation – for me to put myself in the role of the hemorrhaging woman longing to be cured by Jesus. It was suggested to me that instead of hemorrhaging, I could substitute a real health issue that I was dealing with – whatever that might be.

The date was July 15, 2001.

I returned to my room, sat on the windowsill, and placed myself in the crowd scene with Jesus. And as I did that I began to long for a cure, and I knew that all I had to do was touch the hem of His garment. If I could only reach Him, I need to get closer, if I can but touch a small edge of His garment, my pain will dissolve:

Jesus is Waiting for Me

I call out for help
He’s moving too fast
He’s too far ahead
I cannot keep up.

I’m unable to run
I can’t move any faster
Don’t leave ‘til I get there
Hey, Jesus! Wait up!

He stops and He turns
He seems to be thinking
He seems to look back

Is He looking for me?
Is He waiting for me??

I fall and I stumble
While tears fill my eyes
I cannot quite get there
He seems to hear my cry
Hey, Jesus! Wait up!

I fall and I hurt
Where does this pain come from?
I blink through my tears
And now see His face
He turns and He smiles

He’s smiling at me!
Jesus is waiting for me!!

Choose Joy!


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Sacred Treasures

When I was about 18 years old, I really wanted to know if my Zodiac sign truly described my personality. So, I uncovered a book that took the reader through each sign, showing all the attributes – good and not so good! As it happens, I shared my birthday with my Grandfather – Grampa John – so, I thought it would be fun to read all that it said about Aquarians, and see if Grampa John and myself measured up!! I know there were some attributes that described us, but I only remember one that had an effect on me. The book said Aquarians regarded books as sacred treasures. I asked Grampa John if he held books as sacred treasures, and I was very disappointed when he said no – that books were just books. But for me, “sacred treasures”, would always be the way I felt about books. I guess that incident really impacted me, because I remember it so well, these many years later. I could even describe the living room setting where this conversation took place, but I do not think that is a necessary part of this story!! Life is filled with stories, and sometimes those stories, become a book, and then they are part of history. I enjoy thinking about that concept. Books are sacred treasures that will forever be part of my world. Thank you for sharing this memory with me!


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