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I must admit that I have yet to embrace e-readers. I am not really a techie girl, but when I first heard of e-readers, I thought, now there’s a toy I can get behind!

I have a friend who, like me, is an avid reader. We lived next door to each other all during high school years. There were days when we would get together – and just read – not even the same book!! Never saying a word to each other!! After a couple of hours, one of our mothers usually called us, and we would wave goodbye, awaiting our next exciting “play-date”!! It was from this friend that I first heard of an e-reader. She loves it!! Being a business traveller, away for extended time periods, she has one less suitcase to carry!! And therefore, her load is much lighter!! As I said, she loves it!

So, I did my due diligence and checked out the various models. Yes, it seemed cool, and loaded with many books as a feature, maybe I would read all those old Classics that so far I have missed out on.

But, bottom line, for me, it is not a book. It does not look like a book, rustle pages like a book, or require the use of a quirky bookmark. It does not feel like a book, and it does not smell like a book! (And oh, what an intoxicating smell that can be!). In short, an e-reader is not a book!!

So, for now, I will wait for the better versions of e-readers to be issued – because you know that will happen – and then make my decision to buy, or not buy, all over again!!

Choose Joy!


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