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Book Review: “The Biblical Story” as retold by Stefan Andres, Translated from the German by Sarah Dyck


Are you familiar with children’s story books of the bible?  You know, where the bible stories are told in such a way that they attract children’s imaginations.  Have you ever wondered why there are no adult bible storybooks?  Well, now there is one:  “The Biblical Story” as retold by Stefan Andres and translated from German to English by Sarah Dyck (1924 – 2017).

Stefan Andres has taken various bible narratives and retold them in a story format, that is understandable by the everyday reader of German.  There are over 150 such stories, including both the Old and the New Testament. Sarah Dyck then translated Andres’ German book into English.

I believe this format, rather German or English allows the reader to grasp a good understanding of these narratives.  If the reader then wants a deeper understanding of the biblical story, they can then turn to their favourite translation of the bible.

As an English reader and writer, I highly recommend this book, should you be searching for a unique view of the Bible.

And where is the joy of this book’s written word?  It can be found throughout the pages of this English translation.


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