Six Word Saturday!! January 14, 2012

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Six Word Saturday!  Well, ok, it’s Six Word SUNDAY!!  (I think it is safe to say that yesterday got away from me!!)

Recently, I have been reflecting on the title of my blog, and I thought that someone (out there) might  want to know why I chose “The Joy of the Written Word” as my blog title.  If you are not wondering, you can skip this post!

When I was determining my blog title, I knew that I wanted to include a part of what I believed in and part of what I believed.  And of course, I wanted the title to include something about books!

According to, among the definitions of Joy are included: 

1)  the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying

2)  a state of happiness or felicity (remember my book review of  “Finding Felicity” ?)

3)  the expression or display of glad feeling. 

While I agree with the first two definitions of Joy, it is the third definition that is of most significance to me. 

Joy is “the expression or display of glad feeling”.    There is a lot in this world that gives me glad feelings.  One way I can show those glad feelings is to display Joy, even at times when I do not feel Happy, I can display or express Joy.

In my heart, and in my brain, the difference between Joy and Happiness is important.

It is not necessary, nor is it possible, for me to be continually Happy.  But, I believe, it is possible, for me to (almost!) always exhibit Joy – even if it is in a very small way.

So for the last five or six years, I have always tried to feel some Joy in any given situation.  Think of it this way:  it is like believing that everyone has at least a small amount of good in them.  In this way, it is about being able to Choose Joy!  This is not easy, and at times Joy is the last thing on my mind.  Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, Joy is something that is in you, recognized by you and hopefully those around you, but is not verbally or physically communicated by you.  Joy is often times subtle.  That is one of the things I enjoy about Joy!Eventually I hope Choosing Joy will be as second nature as breathing.  I am not quite there, but I try.

Back to my blog title.

I was determined to have the word “Joy” in my blog title.  I also wanted my blog title to show at least some of my Spirit, some of my spirituality.  And the way I often express my Spirit is through the Bible – The Word.  It was also most important to include something about books – where words are used; where words are written; where words are chosen – the Words.  And finally,  the blog title:  “The Joy of the Written Word”.

However, I have become aware that this is not always clear in my blog posts.  So, from now on, it will be!  From now on my posts will include, (wherever possible), an ending statement on:  ‘So, where is the Joy?’.  And I will try to express to you, readers of my blog, where I found the Joy in the current post.

And even though today’s post is not about a specific book, I will still ask myself: 

So, where is the Joy?

The Joy in today’s post, can best be expressed, as part of Six Word Saturday, (ok, Sunday!):

“The Joy of the Written Word”

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


Choose Joy!



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2 responses to “Six Word Saturday!! January 14, 2012

  1. Since I don’t usually get back to read entries until Monday, Six Word Sunday works just fine for me. I love reading how people decide on their blog titles. I know it’s something I always put a great deal of thought into and I almost wish every blog had a link at top that went to an explanation.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

    • Hi, ‘callmecate’ – so nice to hear from you!
      I am glad you enjoyed my post – Thank You!
      I like your idea of having an ongoing page or post about how people come up with the name of their blogs. I certainly agree, I am always curious! For example, your blog? How did “” come into being?
      I really enjoy 6WS – I just don’t always remember………
      See you in the blogosphere!!

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