Candle Lighter Award

Earlier this week, I was very honoured to receive  the ‘Candle Lighter Award’ from Jake at Jake’s Printer.   A recipient of the award himself, Jake is always willing to share with others, and keep blogger connections open.

I do not accept awards easily, but was quite honoured when I received this ‘Candle Lighter Award’  from Jake.  Thank you, Jake!

The author of the award is Kate Kresse .

Kate’s dream for this Candle in the Darkness is that it be “given to people that are going through the efforts to be positive and make the world better through their efforts and blogs“.   Kate’s  faith, optimism, and love for life help to set the world ablaze, she and Jake want to spread this through the ‘blogosphere’.

Please take a moment to visit Kate or Jake’s blogs, and read more about the Candle Lighter Award.

Thank you, Jake!  Thank you Kate!




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17 responses to “Candle Lighter Award

  1. Patricia–if you want the award badge in your sidebar and you need a link to help you do so, let me know and i will send you a link.

    • Hi, Kate!
      Thank you for your offer of help, but if you scroll a little bit farther down my sidebar, you will see where I have put the picture of the lit candle, and if you click on it, it brings you back to your initial candle-lighter blog post. (At least that is what it is supposed to do – all the time!)
      Please let me know if it is not working for you, and I will look into it.
      I am trying to ‘Believe Anyway’!!


  2. Dear Patricia,
    I commented and then somehow lost the words. So again I want to congratulate you on receiving such a lovely reward for being positive and for making this world a better place for all humankind.


  3. Dear Patricia,
    How lovely to receive a reward for being positive and for making the world a better place for all humankind. Congratulations.


  4. Congratulations Patricia. What a lovely idea Kate.
    I wish you all a very happy, peaceful, and blessed New Year.

  5. Oh, that’s wonderful news! Congratulations to you. I hope you enjoy every moment of it. 🙂

  6. Yay! Jake made an amazing choice. Congratulations and I love your blog.

  7. Congratulations! What a Thoughtful Award!

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