Book Review – ‘”Be in One Peace”‘ by Dr. Joanne Messenger

“Whether you’re new to self-healing, want more powerful and easier techniques, or you’re on a committed spiritual journey, “Be In One Peace” has gifts of gold for you. This book is not just another chakra book. It is cover to cover essential knowledge and techniques based on practical experience, to get you the results you need—step by step. Learn how to Master Your Energy Budget, Reclaim Yourself from Old Relationships and Events, Repair Your Heart Strings, Integrate Your Heart and Mind, and ease pain and stress to improve your health.

This book is for everyone who wants an easy and painless way to deal with stress, release the shackles of the past and live with more peace. Say good-bye to anxiety, poverty consciousness and defensiveness. Align with the highest vision of yourself and enjoy your new life.

Be In One Peace is a progressive fusion of ancient, eastern and western philosophy with the modern understanding of energy, anatomy and physiology to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health”. (from

Dr. Joanne Messenger has practiced as a chiropractor, healer and international course facilitator for over 30 years. She lives in Woodend, Australia and is Australia’s best-known teacher of Chiron philosophies and techniques. She has a bachelor’s degree in applied science, an Excellence Award in radiology and is certified with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA) and in Sacro-Occipital Technique as well as in practicing and teaching Blueprint Healing. Dr. Messenger is past principal of the Australian Energy School of Chiron and former vice president of the International Association of Chiron Healers, Inc. (Press Release)


“Be in One Peace” – what a great title! Stirred my thoughts to: Peace itself; of one Peace – as in people on common ground;  in one piece – a play on words – keeping something or someone together,  as one.

The cover captured my attention. Somehow, I felt its LIFE.

And, I do not mind admitting, that the day this book arrived from Bostwick Communications, I may have judged it by its cover!  Of course, not enough to impact an impartial review, just enough to make me feel good about the book from the beginning. This book is just approximately ½ inch thick (a little over 1 cm). Good quality paper inside, and also for the cover.  A pretty book, actually.  And one of those books that just felt good in my hand.

What was strange about all this was when I read the back cover, and started getting into the book. The book IS about LIFE – our life as individuals. Briefly, the book is about ways to discover where our pain is, where our stress is, and learn how we can ease that pain and stress to improve our health.

Are you thinking: “yet another self-help book about relieving pain and stress”? I will admit to a brief thought in that direction. But, with a cover like it has, how could it be ordinary?

The book begins by talking about why we get sick, why we have illnesses. Dr. Messenger mentions how sometimes our diseases are impacted by the “DIS—EASE” in our lives. Dr. Messenger explores the path of dis-ease being a gift. Maybe not one we are happy about, we start looking for the receipt in the box to return it!! But in fact our dis-ease is telling us that our lives are out of sync – and we need to pay attention.

Actually, I once heard an acronym for pain:

P A I N = Pay Attention Inventory Needed


Dr. Joanne Messenger

Whether we feel dis-ease, or disease, Dr. Messenger provides ways we can help ourselves recover, help ourselves feel better. And isn’t that what we want?? In “Be in One Peace”, in 18 short chapters, Dr. Messenger gives us more than 18 different ways we can help ourselves to feel better in the life we are living. One of the attributes of this book is that the chapters are brief. With that, the sentences are also brief,  and free of language that we, the general public, may  not understand. Oh, yes, there are terms we may not be familiar with, such as “Chakra” (Chapter 12), “Heart Filaments” (Chapter 14), “Energy Budget” (Chapter 10) and “Electromagnetic Field” (Chapter 7). But Dr. Messenger’s language in describing these, and other terms, is easy to read and she is clear in what she is saying.

This is not a book that you start to read at Chapter 1 right through to Chapter 18. Although you might want to do that to become familiar with the general flow and theme of the book.  Actually, that is exactly what I did.   Mainly because I wanted to get a general understanding and overview of the book.  At the end of each chapter there is an Exercise section.  In the Exercise, we are given tools to use the techniques talked about in that chapter.

Here is an example of how this, chapter information, and chapter end exercise, can work. In Chapter 5, Dr. Messenger uses an analogy of a suitcase. When we go on vacation, or on a business trip, we pack a suitcase.  We bring with us what we will need for our time away. We make decisions based on where we are going. In life we also carry a suitcase, packing personal skills inside. And we need to prepare for twists and turns, and unexpected events in life. Here is a quote from page 30: “You can prepare for life with as much diligence as a backpacker choosing what to carry or leave behind; however, there are likely to be situations where an extra pair of clean socks would be appreciated.”   We need to make decisions that will carry us through unforeseen circumstances.

So, what is one thing that will give us strength, lessen our stress, and help us be ready to face life circumstances, regardless of what we did or did not put in our (psychological) suitcase? Dr. Messenger believes that one thing, is grounding. We need to start out for a trip calm, and able to check what we need to pack. As we go through life we need to find that part of us that assures us we are grounded. We need to be assured we have the energy, the wisdom, and the strength, that will carry us through. We need them in our suitcase. When we expend energy, wisdom, or strength, to get us through a tough situation, or to help someone who is struggling with (for example) anxiety or depression; they look to us for guidance, we reach into our suitcase and bring out: energy, wisdom, and strength. And we hope we are able to bring the other person to a place of security, assurance and calm.


If you are like me, after going through something similar to the situation described in the previous paragraph, we move on to the next crisis which may draw from us more energy, and more wisdom. And, let’s say this goes on for a while. Pretty soon our suitcase is close to empty. 

To try to prevent us reaching a point of exhaustion, Dr. Messenger provides easy-to-follow instructions to once more ground ourselves.  Rather than having to draw on outside help to get ourselves re-charged, we can bring ourselves to that place where we are grounded.  Dr. Messenger’s technique proposes a series of breathing exercises and visualization techniques to centre ourselves and return to that grounded position.  We need to refill our suitcase and be ready for the next event life brings us.

“Be in One Peace” speaks a lot about energy, our need for it, how we can acquire more, how we lose energy, our negative energy, and building up our positive energy. If you would like to try more intuitive ways to work with your energy, more New Age focused, then this book is a good place to start.  It is clear, basic, and very instructional. If you are already familiar with the New Age focus for self-healing, or this is the first time you have heard the phrase, this book will have something for you. You do not have to follow any part of the New Age way of thinking to get something from its pages.

As a person who sits on the fence with New Age methods, I may have been a little biased going in. But, whether or not my views have changed,  has, in no way, prevented me from developing and increasing my skill level with respect to self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-healing.

For example, Chakras. Chakras have always been a little bewildering to me – and they are still. However, Dr. Messenger’s straightforward, basic, and instructional techniques have wet my appetite to give some form of Chakra Therapy a try. Dr. Messenger believes that to live our life well, we need to use the Chakras, (our body’s energy fields), as a way of cleansing ourselves of negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. And retaining and absorbing positive thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Did I just explain Chakras in 30 words or less? I may have, but I am sure I did not do them justice. But, I will say, that at this very basic level, Chakras do make sense to me; and after reading “Be in One Peace”, I understand Chakras better than ever before. One of the things that truly helped me, was Dr. Messenger’s way of speaking/writing. There is a light tone to her writing, which comes across in moments of humour and joy. This gives the book a special little twist!

Another point is that we do not have to give up our spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs to benefit from Chakras, or any of the other techniques for personal health and well-being, detailed for us in “Be in One Peace”. Dr. Messenger brings multiple faith traditions into her teachings.  I feel strongly that there is something for everyone in this book.

One of the chapters I enjoyed, (Chapter 9), deals with removing our ‘masks’, removing our ‘armour’ – anything we hide behind to shield us from the world, and from ourselves. The exercise at the end of the chapter is a visualization method of removing our armour. It first looked complicated to me, but was actually quite straightforward to participate in. As with all of the exercises and treatments presented in this book, this is best approached with an open-mind, regardless of our current belief tradition.

Dr. Messenger rounds out the book by dealing with the bigger issues of healing for the heart and the mind. And ends the book by bringing us back to her opening statements that all pain is actually a gift. And once we accept our pain as gift, begin to source the cause of the pain; we will begin to free ourselves from some of the darkness of physical and emotional pain.

It is very important that the reader knows that I am in NO WAY making light of anyone’s pain, and I certainly have had little experience with thinking of any pain as ‘gift’. But what I have experienced is relief, relief at finding out what is causing my pain, putting a name to it, and then beginning the road to some kind of healing. If that makes pain a gift, maybe I will not argue terminology. Neither this book nor my review of it, are in any way substitutes for professional care. And that is true whether you are under doctor’s care at this moment, or in the future when you read this book. From my point of view, I cannot stress that enough.

When I was first given this book to review, and even after I had read a couple of chapters, I began to feel some anxiety – about how I could possibly be qualified to know if “Be in One Peace” would be considered a good book in its field.  After all, what did I know about Chakras and Energy Fields? That challenge resolved itself after my first read through;  because the book is written for both a novice, and an experienced reader, to understand.

Whether you choose to accept any New Age concepts, I would like to suggest that you give yourself an opportunity to read this book. 

 A book I have no trouble recommending.

‘“Be in One Peace”’




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3 responses to “Book Review – ‘”Be in One Peace”‘ by Dr. Joanne Messenger

  1. My brother suggested I may like this web site. He was entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You can not consider just how a lot
    time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  2. Aren’t nieces wonderful……. so ‘wonderfully’ honest….
    I have two, also!

    I do like self-help books. What I really like in this one is the simplicity of her language. I know it will continue to be a reference book for me.

    Thank you for your comments, Dee. I appreciate them.


  3. Your review makes the content of this book sound quite attractive to me. I’m not a “self-help-book” reader normally, but I do know from working with a healer how important the Chakras are.

    I’ll go to the library website to see if I can find this book. If so, then I can see if I want to purchase a copy.

    Your summary (“Briefly, the book is about ways to discover where our pain is, where our stress is, and learn how we can ease that pain and stress to improve our health.”) and the suitcase analogy from her book both made clear to me that this book could help me “chill out” as my nieces say.
    Thank you.


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