Six Word Saturday!! November 26, 2011

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Every time I start to do ‘this’ – “Six Word Saturday” – I get to this point, and think it is just too exhausting….. Thinking of six words, that is…. I know, I know, sounds silly. But for a wordy person like me, it is not necessarily simple to come up with only six words to express a thought, and of course keep it interesting as well! However, today I decided to “just do it”!

“Six Word Saturday” ….

“Giveaways can become addictive! Help Me!!”

Whew!!!! Glad that’s done!!!

Happy Today!



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16 responses to “Six Word Saturday!! November 26, 2011

  1. I love your blog and have been your friend for a year now…how wonderful. Thanks for always being here for me.

  2. I’m so wordy these meme/hop would be a NiGHTMARE for me, more stressful than a huge tour post with lots of formatting and links and pictures LOL I’m so bad at cutting things down that short!

    So true, the giveaways can be addicting! I find myself saying “I’ll only enter a couple..” and then a few hours later….. 😀
    Thanks so much for following my site, I look forward to getting to know you and I’m following back ( via RSS) 😀

    • Thank you for stopping by, April, and for the RSS Follow.
      Yes, Giveaways……. can be a problem at times!!
      Although, I must say, they can be a good problem!!

      See you around our blogs!


  3. Great 6WS!!! Hope your day was great!

  4. Good words, and I hope they help you. 🙂

    • Actually, Rosemary, I think they may have!
      I seem to have started figuratively to ‘back away’ when I see a Giveaway. Although I think the cure is a little way off……
      Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Well done, see you can do it !! I agree they can become addictive but for me its hosting them that proves more addictive, watching the number of entries etc lol xx

  6. Giveaways are so fun, especially if you win! Great 6WS!

  7. I like your six words, especially if one wins giveaways too! I’m with you; I am verbose so it takes me many a word to write a blog post. I like 6-word Saturday because you can expound on the six words you choose!

    May you have a good rest of the weekend!


  8. Yes! I totally agree with you! In fact, in the past two weeks or so, when I would come home tired after a long day of meetings and running around, I would end up just reading reviews and entering in giveaways rather than posting on my blog because my brain’s just so tired. But yes, giveaways could be very addicting, so help me, God! 🙂

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