Seeing Double??

Did you ever notice this similarity??!  It took me by surprise!

Compare the titles as well as the pictures.

Compare the content of the nests.

Does the hatched bird signify anything about us?

Intriguing, don’t you think???

As always, your comments are most welcome.

Photo Credit: Heather Fraser


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6 responses to “Seeing Double??

  1. jakesprinter

    first one for me it is symbol of faith,the second one i think symbol of courage 🙂

    • Hey, Jake! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it.
      That is an interesting take on the covers – must be the artist in you.
      Now that you have mentioned it, yes, I agree, the first is faith, the second is courage.
      In faith we are protected in a nest, the soft colours speak to me of the gentleness of faith. Courage is stronger colour – more forceful – courage is what we need.


  2. I like the first one too! I don’t know whether the cover has anything to do with the content of the book, but then… it doesn’t always have to be so. My book covers are flowers (yes, the water lily too), they have nothing to do with the subjects, just colorful and soothing 🙂

    • Yes, it looks like number one, on the left, is the winner.
      Book covers are interesting, and sometimes we must work at understanding why an author chooses as they do.
      If I wrote a book, I am pretty sure I would have flowers on the cover, too, Marja! Just because!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      It is always exciting for me!


  3. kimatsafkhet

    I actually like the left one much better; it is an overall better composition and more harmonic, I think.
    What the bird nest and the eggs have to do with one thousand gifts though is beyond me and would certainly have to reveal itself in the text.
    The hatched bird just looks copied in there. I know, that’s not what you asked but it is what I thought when I first looked.

    • Yes, the one on the left is much better – calmer and cleaner are what comes to mind.
      I saw the author of “One Thousand Gifts”, Ann Voskamp, interviewed about her book. The creation of the book came from Ann’s personal listing of the gifts in her life. I wonder if, in the book, one of the gifts is the simplicity of a bird’s nest.
      I agree, Kim, the hatched bird does look like he’s in the wrong nest!!

      Thanks for your input!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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