Six Word Saturday!!

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Six Words……  Why can we write long posts, (speaking for myself anyway…), yet try to think up just six words that express a thought that others understand.  Not as easy as it sounds!  Hey! There’s my six words!  And I did not even plan that! 

Let’s see…….

Life….. not as easy as it sounds

Love… not as easy as it sounds

Pray…. not as easy as it sounds

Relax… not as easy as it sounds

Yes, those are my Six Words for Today!!

                                    Not as easy as it sounds!!! 

Enjoy Today – Do Your Best!   Even if it’s, not as easy as it sounds.


Patricia  🙂




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18 responses to “Six Word Saturday!!

  1. C.L

    Hi Patricia
    Thought I would accept your invitation and come by. I see I have much work to do with my own blog. Love your posts. Have you ever heard of hint fiction? You write a story in 25 words or less. Fun, but not easy as well.
    Talk to you soon.

    • Hi, C.L.!
      Thank you for visiting my blog! That’s wonderful! Welcome!
      Thank you, also, for your kind words on my blog! I still consider myself a blog newbie, so I truly appreciate your comment.
      No, I have never heard of Hint Fiction – is it that the 25 words are to hint at furthering the plot? Or is it that 25 words are considered just a hint of fiction?
      Yes, it would be very difficult! My reply to you is more than 25 words!

      I am glad you stopped by! You are welcome any time!


  2. Lovely post. You’re right – many things are just not as easy as they sound. But still often very worth it!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  3. Thankyou for sharing this with me x

  4. Not much is as easy as it sounds…(Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  5. People aren’t easy. We make life complicated and think we’re right about it.

  6. Answer question ~ what brings you joy?

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