Help!!!! I’ve Fallen Into Book Blogs, And I Can’t Get Out!!

My Smiley!!

I signed on with Facebook against my better judgement. I was not going to get into a situation where everyone could “see” me!! Ok, maybe I was a little dramatic…… Although Facebook was a wonderful way I connected with long distance relatives, and friends I had lost touch with many years ago, I was not interested in playing any of the Games, building a Following of 800 Friends who I vaguely, or did not know, or signing up with many well-meaning charities. During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – my country!! – Facebook was a fabulous tool for building cross-country enthusiasm, real team building, and national pride. But once that excitement gradually diminished, my interest in Facebook dwindled. I am still using Facebook, but primarily for family and friend contact, sharing photos, and the occasional You-Tube video clip!

Then…. I’m not sure how this happened, and to be honest, I’m not positive there was any connection to Facebook – but I ‘feel’ like there was!! I discovered the “She Writes” blog! Like most people, I’m sure I have a great writer inside my brain – just waiting for the right opportunity……!!

Content for awhile with exploring “She Writes”, (which is a great Blog!), I eventually found my way to a blog actually called: “Book Blogs”! hhmmm…… That sounded very interesting!! I started exploring and soon enough – I signed up! Just as a home base for spending hours of time reading other peoples’ blogs………!! It was AMAZING!! I was in my kind of heaven! Everywhere I looked someone was talking about books, writing about books, blogging about books, and more! PLUS…… There were so many pictures of books: in living rooms, in libraries, on shelves, on tables, in someone’s hand, on a night table, or even on the floor!! I LOVED IT ALL!!!

So, I started to become a Follower: Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs through Facebook, (a good attribute of Facebook), RSS Feeds, and my personal favourite – via email subscription. And I tried to keep up with all the blogs I was connected to: read the emails, the home pages, the book reviews, and whatever else I could read!

Well, you may guess where this going! One day, I came out of my book daze, saw what I was attempting to do, and yelled STOP!! I could not believe it had happened! I was overwhelmed by books, and I needed air!! I was also shocked – how could this happen? I love books. I love reading. I’m a social person, I like connecting with “Blog People”!! What was my problem? My problem was that I was caught in a spider web of Book Blogs, one blog connected to two blogs, with four blogs, with 8 blogs, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on…..

So I stopped. I cancelled out of the Book Blogs’ site. Wiped out all my data. Retreated from all the Groups I had joined, (I had joined how many groups??). And finally completely cancelled out of my Book Blogs’ Blog. An innocent participant in this situation, I also cancelled out of “She Writes”.

Whew! I felt like I had lost 10 pounds! Wait! Maybe I really did lose 10 pounds!

So, a couple of weeks pass…… maybe, just maybe, I could run my own blog!! My own book blog!! Maybe it would help the old brain skills….. Use that cognitive functioning we hear so much about. Then, once I set up my own blog, I will need to get back to Book Blogs and She Writes – I certainly could not go forth alone!

So once again, there I was, totally involved in my Book Blog, in signing up for Groups, taking part in discussions, deciding I would be thrilled to do book reviews, changing my header picture again and again….. and so on and so on….

BUT! I did limit my groups, got a handle on email, and settled in to do some serious book reading.

Until I wanted to look something up on my blog………..

And while I was there, I may as well flip over to see what is happening in my Groups. Look at all the fascinating comments… must read that one…. Click. Into another’s blog: “Oh look at this!” Another Blog I have never previously noticed, better stop in for a visit… Oh, look! another dapper looking blog button! Let me just click that, and see where it leads me…. Have I been here before? No, I don’t think so, but maybe if I just read one more review. Oh, I must share some of this as a post on my blog! How is that done? If I go back two blogs ago, click on that pink square…….. and so on, and so on, and they’ll tell two people, and so on, and so on……


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23 responses to “Help!!!! I’ve Fallen Into Book Blogs, And I Can’t Get Out!!

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  2. That is exactly how I felt when I first started…I even dreamt about boooks and blogging! lol Thanks for checking out my blogs!!!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf

    • Hi, Melissa!
      This is the first time (Dec.5/11) that I noticed your comment.
      My apologies!
      Thank you for commenting and understanding.
      I still feel this way. Is that bad??


  3. I agree! It can get very addicting. However, I’ve met so many Wonderful people in the different groups I belong to 🙂 Now I’m here and have subscribed to another Awesome blog and a met another new friend 🙂

    • Hi, Jill –
      As with Melissa, I apologize for not seeing your comment until now.
      I agree with you, even considering the confusion and addiction, there are some great people in these groups.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving this comment.


  4. Book blogging is a lot of work–fun, but a lot of work. I love the conferences, going to BookExpo for the past 2 years was wonderful. As you know, I don’t dedicate my blog to just writing book reviews, but I review my fair share of books. I certainly admire all those 100% book bloggers out there! I don’t know how they do it!

    I try to focus on my own blog, and reading and responding to everyone’s comments, and I visit other blogs when I can. I feel way too scattered and addicted to the internet if I attempt to read everyone’s blogs every day, like I used to.

    • Conferences? Book Expos??? OH, MY!!!

      Thank you, TGFTG, for visiting my blog – I appreciate it.

      I cannot imagine doing everything you do on your blog – I think ‘they’ would come and take me away (HA HA!!). I must get myself “un-scattered”. It is too exciting right now!!

      Well, must go to get lost in a blog…..


  5. Hello Patricia,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning and leaving you comment. I would love to know how you found me 🙂
    I just read this piece on your blog and I understand your feelings. Since I started blogging last September I have been reading others’ blogs and subscribing to several. However, I find it difficult to read all the new posts even though I understand that others read and comment on our blogs if we read and comment on theirs. There are just too many other things I have to do in my life including looking for a job so I can continue supporting myself.
    I feel bad when I cannot keep up with all the blogs I subscribe too 😦

    As I have had a book published and I love books I will check out the book blog, but I may just add it to my favorites on my blog and link to it when I have times available.

    • Hi, Ann!

      Thank you for reading my post. I am glad you found some familiar ground!

      As far as how I found you, that goes back a couple of weeks, when you posted your poem “Deep in the Silence”. And, to be honest, I cannot recall how I found you even then!

      We must have a common site that we follow, I know that I subscribe to your blog now!! Which, for me, means I am fortunate to be able to read posts as you share them – or a few weeks later…

      Grace and Peace,

  6. FHC

    oh yes, i’m anne elliot! widget on my post this week for anne’s b’day {tues 9th}
    plus the great austenesque celebration and austen week … no end to parties!

  7. FHC

    hello Patricia “)
    so fun to read your book journey ~
    would luv to have you stop by faith hope & cherrytea for tea and chat – i think you’ll find some great book posts, more buttons on the sidebar & several events currently keeping me busy – plus one reading challenge that’s for canadians or readers of canadian authors! start time whenever you discover it “) Welcome!

    • Hi, Anne!

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog, That was very nice of you.

      I visited your blog – so many wonderful posts and reviews, clearly return trips will be neededill

      I saw the button for Canadian Book Challenge – something else to explore!

      Thanks for visiting!


  8. Hi Patricia! I heard about your blog from the Creative Reviews thread on Goodreads (welcome, by the way). Book blogging IS addictive but it’s a worthy addiction, I believe. I took the Austen test and I’m Elinor Dashwood as well! *off to post the code on my blog* Happy reading.

    • Hi, Jennifer!

      Welcome to my blog! Always a treat to have a visiter to one’s posts.

      I did the same thing with the Austen quiz – over and over – but always the same answer!!

      Thank you for the Goodreads Welcome. O will look for you there!

      Choose Joy!

  9. 100 Blog checks every day!! I cannot image that!

    I visited your Bookish Hobbit blog, Bookish Hobbit. Wonderful! I left you a comment on your “About Me” page. I felt like it was about me……

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment. I do appreciate your thoughts.


  10. I’m reading so many blogs I forget to work, eat, live it has got to stop. But I must just read yours and in case you would like one more to add to add to your list I’m Barbara from !!!

    • You are so correct, Barbara!! Where does the time go? I miss lunch and snacking so much, I should be skinny!!

      Your Blog and Website are so unique! And so wonderful!! I think I will be adding you into my Blog Time!!

      Thank you for visiting my blog, I do appreciate your interest!


  11. Bahaha. This is so amazingly relatable. I love it!!! Well done.

  12. Bookish Hobbit

    I’ve been there, minus the Facebook angle (because I don’t do Facebook). I have decided to be kind of selective about the book blogs that I follow though. I don’t have time to read over 100 blogs every day. One of my friends does that and I don’t see how she manages…

    • Hello Bookish Hobbit! I have realized that a comment meant for you, is under someone else’s comment – instead of being under yours! You may have already read this, but I want to repeat it in its proper place!!:
      100 Blog checks every day!! I cannot image that!

      I visited your Bookish Hobbit blog, Bookish Hobbit. Wonderful! I left you a comment on your “About Me” page. I felt like it was about me……

      Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment. I do appreciate your thoughts.


      Comments still meant today!!

      Best of the best for you, Bookish Hobbit!


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