It Definitely Had to Happen!! Book Review!!

It Had to Happen” – written by Cynthia A. Patterson

One of our biggest hurdles in life is letting go of our past. As humans we seem to want to linger in the past, especially dwelling on our times of illness, suffering, and loss. The question that repeats itself is: “Why?”, “Why did this happen?”, “Why now?”, and “Why me?”

In the book “It Had to Happen”, Cynthia Patterson assists us in moving past the “Why’s”, and moving forward with the understanding that our past is necessary for our future; even the rough past, maybe especially the rough past. In less than 100 pages Cynthia Patterson brings the reader to not only acknowledge the past, (the good and the rough), but to move forward from that past to the present life. A pathway that is unique to each reader.

Even when some of the author’s life examples, life wounds, did not directly apply to me, Patterson’s skilled prose led me to an alternative place – that was uniquely mine. I would suggest that it will be the same for any reader poised to move forward on their life’s spiritual journey.

When I read a book, such as this book, which has questions at the end of each chapter, I sometimes bypass those questions – and therefore the subsequent internal work those questions imply!! Sometimes.

However, you know the phrase: “She had me at `Hello'”? Well, Cynthia had me at the very first question at the end of Chapter 1. The Journal Reflections, which repeat themselves at the end of every chapter, fit together with the questions in unique and compelling ways. Cynthia calls her questions: “Discovery Questions” and they are just that.

“It Had to Happen – Understanding that Everything You Go Through in Life is for God’s Purpose” is fully realized step by step, leading the reader to the revelation that everything truly did have to happen – for you to journey your own unique path during this life.

For her biblical connection, the author chose a passage from The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9 – the woman with the issue of blood. Now, do not be put off by this scripture passage, it is simply referring to a woman with some sort of health issue. Basically referring to each of us, with our everyday health and spiritual challenges, whatever they may be.

Whether you are new to a quest of self discovery and personal faith, or seeking to deepen your connection with God and self, “It Had to Happen” is an enlightening place with which to move forward. It is a book that invites the reader back time and time again, with each reading bringing you closer and closer to your inner self and ultimately to God.

“It Had to Happen” is a definite `keeper’ on my personal bookshelf!

Cynthia Patterson introduced her book by stating that we would embark on a journey – that we would visit our past – and that we would see the direction of our future. And for me, it happened! “It Had to Happen”!


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9 responses to “It Definitely Had to Happen!! Book Review!!

  1. Thanks for checking out my faith blog, Patricia…I need to add this book title to my oh-so-ever-growing list of books to read — it sounds like a good one!

    • Patricia

      Glad you stopped by, Chris!

      The author of this book, Cynthia Patterson, is very approachable via email. In fact, I ordered my book direct from Cynthia, and she followed the shipment until the book was literally in my hands. Enjoy!

      I will be spending some time exploring your blog and Facebook page. Thanks for connecting on FB!


  2. I see why this book could make a difference.

    I too have been through that phase of not understanding. Of questioning the fairness or need for certain events to happen the way they did. In my case, it lasted almost all of two years, during which I kept hoping and praying for a miracle. It bewildered me that a God who I had felt such a strong bond to, could remain so indifferent to my pain. I wondered what I was being punished for. Unlike what I had read in books, hope and optimism seemed like my worst enemies. I think the day I stopped believing so intensely in the possibility of things changing – that was the first day I felt some small measure of peace.

    At about this time, I happened to chance upon this article in a newspaper supplement: . It felt strange, as if my reading this article wasn’t completely a random event. It might not seem like much now, but at that time, in that frame of mind, it had the most surprisingly calming effect on me…

    Has that ever happened to you? You are in a mentally taxing phase and you just happen to open a book, even one that you might have read a hundred times before, or some paper that’s probably been used to wrap some food, and, it seems like all of a sudden, your eyes are drawn to a particular part of it with words that seem to speak to you, to be written especially for you to find clarity in that particular frame of mind…

    Apologize for the length of my comment…couldn’t think of a briefer way of expressing my reaction to your post.

    • No need to apologize for the length of your post – it is excellent. Yes, your comments sparked memories of situations for me. The way you describe being led, somehow, to an article, or a page, or a sentence, or a verse in the Bible, is perfect. That has definitely happened to me. Thank you for posting the link to the article – that article is fabulous, and is now listed among my favourite sites.

  3. Hi, Jackie! Wow! This is spooky! I just stumbled on your Blog, and signed up for your Email Subscription!! Then I came to check out my blog, and found your comment. I will go back and look for your LIKE button.
    I am such a Newbie, it is wonderful to have a comment on my first review!! Enjoy the book! Please follow my blog – trust me, you will not receive alot of emails!!!! (Not yet, anyway!!).
    I did sign onto Goodreads – but on the face of it, find it bewildering. I need to spend some time there and learn! But I will go and connect with you there.
    Thank you for your comment!
    Choose Joy!

  4. I am going to get this book. Are you on goodreads? I am would love to connect. Hey could you hit LIKE on
    TY Jackie Bless you

    • Hello, again, Jackie!!

      I have a confession to make……. Goodreads site is still a puzzle to me! I’ve got to give myself a break, I am still new at this Blogging game!!

      Maybe someday it will all be clear!


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