Sacred Treasures

When I was about 18 years old, I really wanted to know if my Zodiac sign truly described my personality. So, I uncovered a book that took the reader through each sign, showing all the attributes – good and not so good! As it happens, I shared my birthday with my Grandfather – Grampa John – so, I thought it would be fun to read all that it said about Aquarians, and see if Grampa John and myself measured up!! I know there were some attributes that described us, but I only remember one that had an effect on me. The book said Aquarians regarded books as sacred treasures. I asked Grampa John if he held books as sacred treasures, and I was very disappointed when he said no – that books were just books. But for me, “sacred treasures”, would always be the way I felt about books. I guess that incident really impacted me, because I remember it so well, these many years later. I could even describe the living room setting where this conversation took place, but I do not think that is a necessary part of this story!! Life is filled with stories, and sometimes those stories, become a book, and then they are part of history. I enjoy thinking about that concept. Books are sacred treasures that will forever be part of my world. Thank you for sharing this memory with me!


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6 responses to “Sacred Treasures

  1. Sacred Treasures….I really like that.

    Though I am not an Aquarian :-), I feel pretty much the same way about books. In fact, for the longest time, the first thing that I’d look at when I got up in the morning would be my collection of books. Also, the last thing in the night! 🙂

    To know that they were there, my treasures, to come back to was re-assuring in tough times and exciting in good ones…Also, a reminder of the possibility of discovering a new book, like making a new friend!

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  3. I have a post on what books I own by Agatha Christi here:
    I love to read and write. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please stop by my blog and say Hi.

    • Hi, Jackie!

      I realize I did not reply to this comment of yours. My slip!

      I have been an Agatha Christie fan for more years than I care to admit!! In fact I just recently re-read “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” for the ump-teenth time!!

      I know you will enjoy collecting Christie’s books.


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