The Joy of the Written Word

The Joy of the Written Word – My Blog!

It was surprisingly difficult to decide on a Blog title, partially because what I desire to write is still floating around in my head somewhere! I want to incorporate books. I want to incorporate reading. I want to incorporate writing. Because those are my joys.

Various ideas came to mind, and I tried them out as titles. But as “they” say, when it is right, it will make itself known.

So, that’s my first post. I must now go and check out the finer points of my blog settings – and that will probably take awhile…….!!! (Where do I change this to Arial Font 12??!!)

Choose Joy!



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2 responses to “The Joy of the Written Word

  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog this week..Heart Connections::)) It was great to hear your words of affirmation, and I trust you will also receive many words to inspire you to pursue and continue with YOUR blog. May you receive many blessings.

    • Hi, Heidi –

      Just thought I would let you know that I am still plugging away at learning about Blogging!! My Blog itself is gradually growing – so that’s a good sign!!

      Choose Joy!!

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